1 Do I need to bring my vehicle for installation?

Abolsutely not! Our experienced installation team will visit you at your preferred location on your preferred time to install the device on your vehicle. We want our customer to start the journey with us at their convenience.

2 How much time does it take for installtion?

Generally it takes 20-30 minutes for installaing one device on your vehicle. Based on different model time may vary

3 Will my vehilce give any trouble after installing?

Our experienced team will check the vehicle before starting to install the VTS and once finished they will again. If you want you can also check before they leave

4 In case of theft what should I do?

Don't worry! We are here to help you protect your vehicle. Simply call our contact center to keep updated about the current location of your vehicle. You can also get nearest police information from our call center

5 Can I get previous history of my vehicle's movement?

Yes, obviously. You can get all previous track records on the panel and mobile app

6 Do you share my vehicle's location with any other party?

No! We care about our customer's privacy. We never share your data with anyone disclosing your identity

7 Do you have user guide on how to use the mobile app & web?
We do have a detailed user guide which explains the user in depth on how to use the panel