Instant Intelligence

Bondstein VTS connects you to the information you need to track and recover your vehicle’s renewal dates, promote on-time payments, and minimize the risk while maximizing the benefits that come with offering and special 24/7 customize service round the clock.

Real-Time Tracking
Instantly locate delinquent vehicles on demand — even when you’re away from your Home

Easy-to-Use Dashboard
Bondstein VTS keeps you connected to your vehicles through an intuitive web interface and easy-to-understand dashboard.

Easy-to-Read Maps
Mapping features with multiple views (road map, aerial, and “birdseye”), making it even easier and quicker to locate and recover vehicles.

Comprehensive Reports
A full suite of reporting tools equip you with valuable information you can leverage to make better business decisions.

Vehicle Histories
Bondstein VTS stores and allows you to access unlimited histories of your vehicles.

System Security
Multiple security levels keep consumer data private and protected.

Anywhere, Anytime Information
Access dashboards, reports, and vehicle information from your desktop, laptop, smart phone or tablet.

Simplify Inventory Management
Instantly know where each vehicle is located, on any lot.