Simple but Exciting


Keeping It Simple but Exciting

Track My Vehicle® devices work straight out of the box, they are simple, functional & affordable. Simply switch on your tracker, login on your computer or mobile phone and you can track your device immediately. It gives you complete freedom with our unique Track program. With effective monthly payment for unlimited tracking we are convinced you will find our device simple and easy to manage.

Motion Alert
Our devices have motion sensors. You can ‘Arm’ your device via the control panel. This will alert you via SMS message & an audio visual warning on the control panel when the device is moved. Great feature if you are protecting assets that should not be moved.

Night Watchman
You can set Night Watchman Mood via Mobile App / Web so that whenever your vehicle moves at Night, you will be notified. The tracking unit will immediately inform both the tracking panel and any mobile phones that have been nominated to receive notifications from the device.

Innovative Control
Controlling your device could not be easier. Using our innovative web based control panel which has been specifically designed for ease of use. It is very easy to check date, time, addresses, mileage, speed, start stop times and the history for up to a year.

Remote Starter Disable
Remotely disable a vehicle once it’s stopped using your cell phone so you can quickly locate and recover it.

Stop Alerts
Receive an alert when a vehicle is stopped for an extended period.

Geographic Boundaries
Set up custom geofences (geographic boundaries) simply and easily, then receive alerts whenever a vehicle leaves or enters those boundaries.