Now you don’t need to worry about your vehicle while enjoying a dinner at a local cuisine. You can activate SECURE Mode to create a virtual watchman which will disengage ignition. Moreover, life become more relaxing when you need it most.

It takes only one tap from your Smartphone to activate the "SECURE MODE"



With Track My Vehicle® you get perfect overview of your drivers style of ride and how they use your vehicle. Even you can get notifications via smartphone or your tab at any given moment when someone breaks the limit. All it needs – is a smart choice.

Now you can track your Driver on Track on the go and keep your vehicle safer.



When was the last time you did not forgot about you renewal for registration or insurance documents. Now for the very first time you can get alerts prior 30 / 21/ 7 days before expiry of such due dates. Moreover it gives you the privilege to update the new dates.

Now you will have a personal assistance to remind you about the renewal dates of all kind of registration.



Track My Vehicle® is the key and replacement of the old, well known GPS tracking units you have been using this long. Now you can virtually keep your car on Night Watchman Mode while you are out of City or going abroad. The service team will cater emergencies as well.

Real-Time Night Watchman Mode instantly secure your vehicles on demand — even when you’re away from home.




With the new version, the GEOFENCE now features a customizable boundary, or geofencing, option that users can adjust the monitored area around a device by selecting the “Change Location” button, which resets the geofencing threshold.

Now you can manage your fleet as per need basis. Set the limit and let the system handle the things.



Keeping It Simple but Exciting

Don’t you hate things when those irritate you so much in the middle of something important?? Such as: Having a dinner at a beautiful restaurant, going to a meeting at an unfamiliar street or tracking your teenage child or the driver. Yes – through all this time you kept thinking of your vehicle. So every time you go somewhere with it, and your mind start thinking something else. It’s one of those days, isn’t it?.

What if you can enjoy a tensionless life with your vehicle at streets? Or get a tweet as soon as your vehicle crosses any speed that is pre selected. What if your driver or teenage son is driving the car irresponsibly; and you can get instant text message or email. Moreover, to get notified for GEO FENCE violation when a family member or an employee crosses the limit. What if for emergencies you can switch off ignition with a single tap of finger.




That’s why Bondstein introduces TRACK MY VEHICLE with all advanced features – the first ever of its kind in Bangladesh. With TMV you can locate your loved ones through a computer, a smart phone or a tablet in real time. Does it sound complex..?? No- it doesn’t – TMV is built with smart thinking so you can think of more important things like what to order in a menu, make a deal done or let the driver handle things.

Even using secure or night-watchman mode you can customize your vehicles’ security schedule.

The product is both durable and efficient. Does it sound expensive – it is affordable for every vehicle owner and easy to use. Give us a call at the Hotline or send us a query. So get it now – the one tap solution.