Introducing revolution

Introducing revolution

Track My Vehicle® is a new revolutionary way how to trace whereabouts of your vehicles, fleet and workforce – your employees and their trips. This new approach is constantly growing and used by more and more individuals and business owners. Track My Vehicle® is breaking traditional approach on vehicle/fleet tracking by giving more control to the end users. It’s so easy, just install an app or use the web panel whenever you want to take all the advantages.


Simple, Reliable, Scalable Technology
Bondstein VTS delivers powerful, highly scalable asset tracking and management without the need for complex and costly hardware or software.

How It Works
Bondstein VTS is powered by NSpire, Spireon’s leading-edge Machine-to-Machine (M2M) platform designed to seamlessly, securely and reliably connect companies to their business intelligence in real time, anytime.

Innovation At Its Best
Bondstein VTS’ GPS device, maintain stae of the art recovery process that showcases all of our information platforms, providing you with a fully licensed solution to optimize your entire business chain process, from monitoring vehicle status to vehicle recovery.