Track On the Go

The greatest power of Track My Vehicle® concept are portability, low entry/operating costs and the broader settings with which you can customize it to your specific needs and save on resources or on custom software development when you need special behavior.

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Secure Mode

Now you don’t need to worry about your vehicle while enjoying a dinner at a local cuisine. You can activate SECURE Mode to create a virtual watchman which will disengage ignition. Moreover, life become more relaxing when you need it most.

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Night Watchman

Track My Vehicle® is the key and replacement of the old, well known GPS tracking units you have been using this long. Now you can virtually keep your car on Night Watchman Mode while you are out of City or going abroad. The service team will cater emergencies as well.

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Customized Geofence

With the new version, the GEOFENCE now features a customizable boundary, or geofencing, option that users can adjust the monitored area around a device by selecting the “Change Location” button, which resets the geofencing threshold.

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Renewal Alert

When was the last time you did not forgot about you renewal for registration or insurance documents. Now for the very first time you can get alerts prior 30 / 21/ 7 days before expiry of such due dates. Moreover it gives you the privilege to update the new dates…

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Speed Alert

With Track My Vehicle® you get perfect overview of your drivers style of ride and how they use your vehicle. Even you can get notifications via smartphone or your tab at any given moment when someone breaks the limit. All it needs – is a smart choice.

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24/7 Response

For everyone we have a working team 24/7 for which it is possible to support all of the users. We are constantly searching and monitoring for emergencies and discrepancy in data. If they found any issue, response team will act on emergency basis.

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Fuel Response

“Coming Soon Feature” – With expense and fuel tracking, you can get perfect overview about fuel consumption. You will be notified if the system finds any sudden discrepancy in Fuel Meter. Moreover, you can always check it on your own.

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"Track My Vehicle® is a new revolutionary way to secure your vehicles, fleet or workforce with much more advantages than old in-car GPS units" Your Driver is going to be very pissed off.. and we are not bother at all...
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Introducing revolution

Track My Vehicle® is a new revolutionary way how to trace whereabouts of your vehicles, fleet and workforce - your employees and their trips. This new approach is constantly growing and used by more and more individuals and business owners. Track My Vehicle® is breaking traditional approach on vehicle/fleet tracking by giving more control to the end users. It's so easy, just install an app or use the web panel whenever you want to take all the advantages.

Track More

Keeping It Simple but Exciting Track My Vehicle® devices work straight out of the box, they are simple, functional & affordable. Simply switch on your tracker, login on your computer or mobile phone and you can track your device immediately. It gives you complete freedom with our unique Track program.…


With all our trackers you receive our free mobile tracking application. You can track from your iPhone, iPad, Blackberry, Androids and any other internet capable device. “Secure Mode” “Secure Mode” is a newly adopted automated service for Self Driven Vehicle Owners through which one can secure the movement of your…


Bondstein VTS connects you to the information you need to track and recover your vehicle’s renewal dates, promote on-time payments, and minimize the risk while maximizing the benefits that come with offering and special 24/7 customize service round the clock. Real-Time Tracking Instantly locate delinquent vehicles on demand — even…

"A personal vehicle is stolen in every 24 hours at Bangladesh. Are you secured..?"

Independent User |

Our web is designed with emphasis to simplicity and ease of use for individual use. You don’t have to register, read manuals or visit courses. We want you to feel comfortable with our service, find everything fast and is just one click away. This unit has much more advantages than old in-car GPS units of the market.

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Fleet Management |

Track My Vehicle® is breaking traditional approach on corporate vehicle/fleet tracking by removing the need to follow up segments with 3rd parties. It enables the management to track the workforce/employees carry every time driving a vehicle or working outside the office.

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